I hope they're treating you well up there





Anonymous asked: But you are under an obligation to not be actively cruel.

Your messages are actually making me very upset Amanda and if that is your intended goal please stop sending me. If you want to have an actual conversation we can but if you just want to keep trying to make me feel bad please just stop and leave me be.


"I am under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson  (via jolinxo)

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(by Matthew Post)


(by Bryan Harkin)


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"She wants to write. God, she wants to write so bad. But the ink bubbles in her throat and leaks from her pores and swirls down the drain in little black puddles. She tries. Oh god, she tries. But the pen twists and grins in her sweaty grip until all that remains are smudges and streaks and tears and fears, and she steps back and stares at this thing she just made. It has not a single word, but bears her heartbeat just the same." - (via orlansky)

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